Can not see the hidden words “VOID” before peel off the face material

After peeled, the face material will apprence warning message or graphics

Partly adhesive will transfeing to the objects, used to one time products which the face is glossy or coated PE security bags

The standard size for Jumbo material: 520mm*500m/ roll ( the width is available which adhesive to adhesive ) we can meet the customer kindly request and split the exact roll size which customer wanted, we kindly advice customers can use our standard length, which is the best width for us split and reduce our waste;   

Color request: white /red/blue /black etc. (we have made the coated for face material, it is very easy to printing);

Range for temperature: -20℃ to + 90℃;      

Life span: 1year from production;

Use method: normal temperature, after 30mins then peel off the material, the best angle is 145 degree. This is the best way to test material:

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